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Managed Service Packages

We understand that each client has different requirements when developing an IT solution. Therefore, we have successfully developed our three-tiered Managed IT Services Packages.Charged at a fixed monthly rate, these packages are designed to offer flexibility and value for money and varied IT services. Best of all, these packages are developed to meet the expectations and requirements of organisations no matter what their size may be.
Essential Managed Services
Our Essential Managed Services package is designed for businesses seeking foundational IT support. With proactive monitoring, basic technology support, and entry-level security measures, this package ensures essential system maintenance and assistance to keep your business running smoothly.
Professional Managed Services
Experience comprehensive IT management with our Advanced Managed Services package. Benefit from 24/7 proactive monitoring, advanced security measures, and enhanced technology consulting. This tier offers tailored solutions, expanded cloud services, and regular business reviews for improved performance and security alignment.
Premium Managed Services
Our Premium Managed Services package is the pinnacle of IT support. Get dedicated CIO-level consultation, robust security solutions, and fully managed IT infrastructure. This tier provides cutting-edge cloud solutions, advanced disaster recovery, and executive-level reporting, ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency and security with a strategic IT focus.

What's included in the packages

Ideal package for organisations with 1 - 25 users

Included activities

  • 8 hours of remote and telephone support
  • Device management
  • Proactive IT monitoring & responses
  • Scheduled maintenance & upgrade 
  • Backup management

Prices from $500/month

Ideal package for organisations with 25 - 100 users

Included activities

  • Unlimited hours of remote and telephone support
  • Device management
  • Proactive IT monitoring & responses
  • Scheduled maintenance & upgrade 
  • Backup management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business IT reporting
  • Quarterly Business Reviews

Prices from $1,000/month

Ideal package for organisations with 100+ users

Included activities

  • Unlimited hours of remote and telephone support
  • Onsite support
  • Device management
  • Proactive IT monitoring & responses
  • Scheduled maintenance & upgrade 
  • Backup management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business IT reporting
  • Monthly Business Review

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1. Help Desk
On call remote help whenever you need it with guaranteed response times. Remote support ensure issues can be addressed quickly so there is little or no impact to productivity
2. Proactive Support
Regular assessment of hardware. This highlights which systems are due for replacement before they fail or result in unnecessary downtime. Network weaknesses should also be checked on a regular basis to ensure vulnerabilities are fixed before cybercriminals get a chance. By detecting issues at an early stage, disasters can be prevented.
3. Monitoring and maintenance
A good MSP has monitoring tools to ensure consistent uptime. This keeps business productivity at its peak, whilst ensuring no risk of financial loss due to systems being down.
4. User management
Hassle free maintenance whenever it is needed. This includes tasks such as setting up new users, removing old ones, permission changes and password management.
5. Security and Compliance
The need for data security is more important than ever, so you need to know your data is secure and safe from hacking, data theft and ransomware. Firewalls should also be in place to detect and prevent network intrusion. Compliance with relevant regulations is also a vital role of an MSP.
6. Backups and disaster recovery
Data loss can be devastating for any business, so in the case of a disaster such as damage to premises or fatal system crash, you need to know your systems will be back up and operational as quickly as possible. All good managed IT services should include disaster recovery processes, to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and all data is safe.
7. Asset management
Tracking of equipment. This ensures you have access to up to date information on the age, specifications, installed applications, user details and branch location of all devices.
8. Account management
Experts that are on your side and that can help you to implement and manage the best technologies to meet your business objectives. A good MSP will align technology with your business, help you with business direction, give you regular updates on new products, and spot opportunities for process and system improvements.
9. Documentation
Detailed notes and diagrams of systems, network configurations, passwords, licencing, and guides for specific setups. This will ensure efficiency of ongoing support and maintenance, and ease of upgrades or enhancements when they are due. A good MSP should grant access to this documentation on request.
10. Reporting
Full visibility of the health and status of your IT systems, with detailed monthly reporting.

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We provide customised solutions using the leading cloud infrastructure technologies to deliver value quickly and minimise minimise cost of ownership.

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We will define a solution in a Statement of Work (SoW) to meet your particular requirements and which details the deliverables, costs, and timeline.
Implementation & Go-Live
The expert team at CIO Tech deliver your project using the agile project methodology to deliver quickly and keep you close to the project.
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